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“One of the most important part’s of any business strategy”

Is advertising important for my business?

Having the finance to advertise in today’s market can be quite of a challenge, most businesses have cut back since the start of the recession.  It is recommended to spend at least 3 % of your business turnover in advertising.  Today getting your name out to new and existing customers is one of the most important steps a business can make.  There are several options a business can select, newspaper advertising, leaflets, billboards, radio, online display advertising, Google CPC advertising, direct mail are the main mediums available today.

We can provide a variety of mediums to reach your target audience.  We can set out a marketing strategy that will generate results may be it a direct response and to achieve return on investment or a branding campaign that will get your name visible to your target market.

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Online Advertising

What is online advertising and why it should be considered as part of your marketing mix? Over the last few years online advertising has overtaken traditional print advertising revenue.  £400m in print advertising was lost from the UK newspaper market at the end of 2017, with digital revenues only able to make up about 25% of this decline, according to a new report by Group M.” Read more ….. Why is newspaper revenues falling in traditional newspaper streams and rising on the internet?

Technology, consumers can now read news in various formats such as mobile phones, tablets, ipads, laptops, PC’s, since people don’t need to buy a newspaper anymore they can get news on the go 24/7 for free circulation’s in local, regional and national newspapers are declining year on year in every part of the UK.  With the fall in circulation businesses are switching from advertising to online advertising to reach their target market.

Affordability, businesses can advertise online for a fraction of the cost of what a newspaper advert would cost in a local, regional or national newspaper. Statistical Information, online advertising will allow businesses to track sales, telephone calls, emails, website clicks and other data that should enable business owners to make marketing decisions on which form of online advertising gives a good return on investment.